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Biofilms – more than meets the eye

Recently I came across a wonderful review by Dragoš and Kovács in Trends in Microbiology (Cell Press). Here, they succinctly summarize alternative roles of biofilms, namely the extracellular matrix of proteins, eDNA and polysaccharides. Of interest to me, as I have previously... Continue Reading →

Antibiotic tolerance and persistence – could the key be ATP?

Today I read an article describing tolerance and persistence of Escherichia coli, a problematic intestinal and extra-intestinal pathogen, which may be due to decreases in ATP levels. Tolerance and persistence, not to be confused with antibiotic resistance, is an often overlooked... Continue Reading →

A Poem about Cholera – Student Submission

As part of my science for non science majors course, I started bringing in other forms of communication for their assignments, as I knew they were not biologists by study/training, and that talent can lay in the most interesting places.... Continue Reading →

So #DressLikeAWoman just became a hashtag on Twitter…

2017. We still have to deal with this nonsense. Yes, kind of a political post but this one hits home. Recently, Trump (who I refuse to call President) said women should have dress codes, in the White House workplace no... Continue Reading →

Complex Relationships between Virulence and Antibiotic Resistance

In the little spare time I have, I like to look at new reviews on antibiotic resistance. They're a great way to get a lot of information in a short amount of time, and you're able to skip the primary... Continue Reading →

Non-science majors and an intro assignment

This is the first time I've taught science to non-science majors. There aren't really any liberal arts colleges in Australia, so it was very new to me, and I have to say so far one of the most challenging things... Continue Reading →

Hello once again, blogging world.

I swear this is about the 6th blog I've started and lets hope this one actually has some staying power. I tend to get extremely dismayed when I don't get any traffic, and I quickly lose interest in myself. Probably... Continue Reading →

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