I swear this is about the 6th blog I’ve started and lets hope this one actually has some staying power. I tend to get extremely dismayed when I don’t get any traffic, and I quickly lose interest in myself. Probably because I think no one else cares what I ramble on about!

I’ve had this idea ever since I started my new career as a Professor teaching Microbiology. I have never loved a job as much as I do this one. The overall goal of this site is to have a comprehensive place where I can talk about science, research, the accomplishments of my students, art in science and my random travel adventures.

This past week and a half has been strange, my Nana back in Australia passed away, I’ve been sick, and let’s not get started on the new government. Yep, I’m an immigrant from Australia living her 9th full year in the USA. The USA has provided me with amazing opportunities – graduate school and my PhD, the chance to travel to San Francisco, Tucson, Santa Fe and Italy (twice!) for conferences regarding my research. It’s given me my postdoctoral research experience at St. Jude Children’s Hospital here in Memphis, TN. It’s given me my new job as Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Rhodes College. But most of all, I met my husband in Houston and that is beyond everything. So seeing this country in such turmoil breaks my heart.

But enough of politics. Sorry.

I’ll be posting links to my blog on my twitter account, so feel free to see some shorter posts and thoughts by me!

Thanks for reading 🙂
Dr. H.