2017. We still have to deal with this nonsense. Yes, kind of a political post but this one hits home. Recently, Trump (who I refuse to call President) said women should have dress codes, in the White House workplace no less (every lady staffer)… So as expected, the strong and independent women on Twitter started this hashtag, and it’s gloriously going out of control. Click HERE to see some of the popular posts, and amazing women who are strong, educated, and smart.

My personal favourite so far is Judy Melinek M.D., who recently posted a photo of her performing an autopsy, complete with a necklace of pearls and holding lopper which are used to break ribs to open the chest cavity. That’s some seriously cool shit right there.

So please, follow this hashtag, and get loud about not wanting to go back to “Mad Men” times when women were only secretaries (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and weren’t allow professional jobs. Although 60s clothing was pretty slammin’.

The featured pic of this post is my recently departed Nana (she was 95) who was a Gunner for the Australian Army during WW2. She was protecting Northern Australia against enemy forces, and all the guns were manned (As it were) by women. Brave indeed.

I don’t want my step daughter going off to college next year (yikes) thinking she has to conform to this outdated view of women in the workplace, and women in general.

As the saying goes, women can do anything.

-Dr H.