As part of my science for non science majors course, I started bringing in other forms of communication for their assignments, as I knew they were not biologists by study/training, and that talent can lay in the most interesting places. Therefore, as part of their intro assignment to my Infectious Disease course, they were given bacteria that they had to research and write a monologue.

They were also given a chance to use something else other than scientific writing, so here’s one of the poems my student wrote on his pathogen, Vibrio cholerae.

Vibrio cholerae

I am an infectious disease that can cause people to dry heave

Dirty water is my habitat, so please keep your water clean

If you do not, I will make your digestive system the opposite of pristine

If I do surpass your intestinal wall, my toxins will wreak havoc for all

The best way to get rid of me is not to curl up in a ball,

but replace those lost fluids with a fresh gallon of water and some salt

Hopefully you do not catch me, but if you do, please see a doctor and do not halt


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